Frequently asked questions

about Event Medical Services

  • We do not transport from events because you the event organiser/customer have engaged us to attend your event, not leave it (ACC and the MoH pay St John and WFA to transport patients in NZ) We can in emergencies transport if absolutely required do so.
  • Yes we are fully insured with Professional and General Liability insurance.
  • Yes our medics are qualified and experienced. We also have staff who are undergoing clinical on the job training, that’s how we learn of course.  Ask us for proof of qualifications and experience. 
  • We can provide a level of care suitable for your event, from Doctors, Registered Nurses, Advanced Life Support Medics, Intermediate Life Support Medics, Basic Life Support Medics, and First Responders.  Not sure what you require, talk to us. 
  • We are not an emergency Ambulance Service, we are an Event Medical Service, we do not respond to 111 calls for assistance from the public. But we have Ambulance type vehicles, UTV’s (side by side) and a range of qualified staff.
  • Frontline Ambulance Event Medics complies with the NZS 8156:2019 Ambulance and paramedical services standards (Event, Commercial, and Paramedical Services Section) this includes having an appointed Medical Director (Doctor) specialising in Emergency Medicine, we also utilise the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines.
  • All staff have a delegated Authority to Practice (ATP).  Levels are determined by the Medical Director, Senior Clinical Leadership Team.
  • Communications, our staff and vehicles have two forms of electronic communications at a minimum during events in case one form fails. We also have satellite phones for remote events.
  • If you are interested in joining our team send us an email.

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