Tips for

event organisers

Tips for event organisers

from an Event Medical Service perspective

  • In an environment of limited health care resources, the sooner a patient is treated, the better their chance of recovery. We resource to a high standard.
  • Medical services should be provided for the entire event, including the installation and breakdown of the event if this is a large scale or dangerous operation.
  • Medical services may also be needed for attendees queuing to get in and out of the event.
  • If the event is a multi-day festival with attendees camping overnight, you may need around-the-clock medical services.
  • Locate first aid/medical teams carefully, so that emergency response times are minimised.
  • Provide information about the location of medical facilities to attendees. Use signs and print the information on programmes or tickets.
  • Stewards and all other event personnel should know where the medical services are located.
  • Ambulances and other emergency vehicles need to have clear access in and out of the venue, in case casualties need to be transported.
  • At events with large crowds or difficult access, medics on foot, or a UTV may be required.

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